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Our projects range from the most technologically advanced TV broadcast facility in the US (ESPN-LA Live) to the most cost-effective webcast production facilities available.   Our portfolio of projects enables us reach into emerging technology and trends, which affords us visibility into what are sound choices for every client. 

We work with many manufacturers and vendors to deploy and develop products for many emerging applications.  We have been involved in the deployment of High Definition systems and various transmission methods , including streaming and  webcasting since 1996, enabling the most prominent LA clients and Silicon Valley companies.

We are able to hand-pick the best talent and service providers in the industry, as our leading-edge projects enable us to audition the best and brightest minds, and the most valuable services. 

Direct, Inc. offers comprehensive end-to-end enterprise solutions; and as a single source provider we are accountable for every intricate detail of your project that is assigned to us.   We are able to represent your company for the entire project term, assuring objectives and standards are defined and implemented. We are happy to offer resource management and maintenance contracts for your system as well.


Partricipation in your project may range from a simple sale, consultation, or design review to an entire production and transmission facility. In all cases, we enable you to leverage our experience to develop a solution customized for your requirements.


We offer leasing and financing options, so you can build and use your entire facility now, rather than roll it out in phases.


Beware of the change-order shell game. Companies that submitt low bids to win a project will often generate change-order after change-order. Final cost far exceeds the inital bid in these cases. To protect yourself, always ask for references, and be certain to ask about change-orders.

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